EMC Esfahan Malleable Casting

Research & Development


Throughout its history, EMC put too much effort pushing edges of its capabilities forward. Numerous first-time-in-Iran products associate EMC with innovation and development in customer minds. Management seeks more capabilities and customer feedbacks admit reaching it.

R&D department as the main responsible for edge pushing jobs, has grown and gained brilliant experience and expertise in all areas necessary to broaden company capabilities range.

To develop and prepare manufacturing specifications, R&D department take advantage of hiring the best educated, high talented experts as long as active collaboration with academic institutes and consulting company experienced technologists.


Some of the most notable projects of the R&D department are:


Patented though and hard Martensitic steel

EMC steel is the result of five years test and research. This cast steel mechanical properties is similar to usual Abrasion Resistant steel plates. EMC50 is equal to Hardox 500. The steel hardness is 47-50 HRC and impact energy is at least 25 J in room temperature.

Wide range of wear and impact resistant parts including crusher hammers, wear liners, bucket teeth, AG and SAG mill liners, Reclaimer teeth, Ball mill liners and etc. are examples of the alloy application. In comparison with AR plate made parts, casting parts will be cheaper because of lower machining and processing operations.  


Metal Matrix Composite (MMC)

Esfahan Malleable engineering team has developed Ceramic-EMC steel metal matrix composites to decrease wear loss in extreme wear conditions. 1400 HV hard ceramic in the EMC50 steel matrix could extend the wear life of parts to three times. The MMC production technology was totally developed in home and now available for industrial production.


Air melted nickel-base Alloys

According to ASTM A494 we have developed alloys such as Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy and similar corrosion resistant nickel base alloys


ASTM A518 High silicon cast iron

High silicon cast iron is a hard to cast alloy. Hot tear, cracking, gas defects and carbon floatation are common defects for this alloy. More than 25 years’ experience and continuous research helped us to produce and replace are former imported parts.


Low carbon Austenitic and Duplex stainless steels


ASTM A532 High chromium and Ni-hard cast Iron







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