Cast Stainless Steel CF8M

Cast Stainless Steel  CF8M


Type CF8M is a Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo alloy. It is a modification of the CF8 type to which molybdenum is added to enhance general corrosion resistance and to provide greater strength at elevated temperatures. The alloy has good resistance to reducing corrosive media, and is substantially more resistant to pitting corrosion than the CF8 grade when exposed to chlorides as in sea water. Although not quite so resistant to strongly oxidizing corrosive medias such as boiling nitric acid, the molybdenum containing alloy is more stably passive than the CF8 type under weakly oxidizing conditions. Corrosion resistance of the cast alloy is approximately equal to, or better than, corresponding types of wrought alloys.

Chemical Composition


ASTM A743  A351 A744, AISI 316, DIN 1.4408 GX5CrNiMo17-12-2 

Equivalent Grades


Melting Point(oC)

For maximum corrosion resistance, castings of CF8M should be heated in the range 1050 to 1121°C, and then quenched in water to ensure complete solution of carbides and sigma phase.


Heat Treatment


Hardness (HB)


Welding Electrode


Welding Preheating(oC)

Gas Porosity

Common Possible Casting Defects



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