Cast Stainless Steel CD3MN


Cast Stainless Steel CD3MN 

 The wrought equivalent of CD3MN is 2205. It provides better corrosion resistance and about twice the yield strength of CF3M or CF8M. As with all duplex stainless steels, CD3MN has excellent chloride stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistance. For those reasons, it is often the upgrade for CF3M or CF8M in valve applications where higher strength or improved pitting, crevice corrosion, or SCC resistance is needed.

Chemical Composition

ASTM A890 A995 UNS S39205

Equivalent Grades


Melting Point(oC)

Heat to 1120°C minimum, hold for sufficient time to heat casting uniformly to temperature and water quench, or the casting may be furnace cooled to 1010°C minimum, hold for 15 min minimum and then water quench. A rapid cool by other means may be employed in lieu of water quench.

Heat Treatment


Hardness (HB)


Welding Electrode


Welding Preheating(oC)

Gas Porosity, chemical composition due to Carbon content

Common Possible Casting Defects



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