Betek TungStud

Wear Resistant Carbide Tungsten Parts


Betek TungStuds division

Whenever the ground is being dug or worked, Betek TungStuds are right on the front-line. Fitted with a tungsten carbide core,   the TungStuds are the first thing to come into contact with the excavated material and are exposed to extreme abrasion.


In addition to protection against wear being provided by the TungStuds, the material packed between them is also used as a   buffer. This reduces direct wear on the metal surfaces caused by material movement. Instead of expensive spare parts being needed due to worn metal surfaces, it is just the TungStuds that have to be replaced.


When using Betek TungStuds expenditure on maintenance is also lower, as thanks to their tungsten carbide core they can   withstand even the most extreme conditions.






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