EMC Productsٍ


 We Change Ever Repeated Wear Story


Mining, Cement, Refractory and Tile


Ball Mill, Rod mill, SAG and AG mill wear liners

Slurry Pump parts

Vertical Mill Parts

Hammer Mill Parts

Jaw Crusher Parts

Reymond Mill Parts


Digging, loading and excavating machine Parts

Bucket Teeth, Adapter, Truck Link, Shroud, Side Cutter, Ripper teeth


General Machinery

Gear Box Casing, Cast Gears, Ring and …


Oil, Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical

 Pump Parts

Casing, Impeller, Diffuser, Wear Ring, Shaft Sleeve, Stuffing box, Casing Cover


Valve Parts

Body, Bonnet, Gate, Cage, Plug, Stem Nut, wheel, Disk, Hinge


Petrochemical Parts

Tube Hanger, Tube sheet, Support,





Casting Your Dreams