High Silicon Cast Iron

High silicon Corrosion Resistant Cast iron

Cast iron is a big ferrous alloy family that because of cheap raw materials, low manufacturing prices and easy production has many applications in different industries.


Silicon is one of the major alloying elements in cast iron. By increasing the Si content, resistance to high temperature and corrosion will increase. High silicon corrosion resistant cast iron has 14 to 17 percent silicon . This kind of cast iron nearly resists sulfuric and nitric acids in any concentration and temperatures to boiling. 


Regarding to high silicon cast iron corrosion resistance, this alloy uses for acid transportation and production. It has mentioned, the alloy could not be used for HF acid.  


The alloy has some trade names as Duriron and Siguss. Esfahan Malleable has a long history on this alloy. As all technical documents noticed, Production of this alloy despite of regular cast irons is very hard. They are very sensitive to gas defects and also very brittle. Only an experienced and talented team could solve the problems to cast defect free parts.


After years of study and experience we claim EMC could produce parts according to ASTM A518and compete worldwide former producers.




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