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   Esfahan Malleable Company (EMC) is a leading steel casting company in Isfahan, Iran. The Company has established in 1984. In past  years EMC has tried to develop the products according to customers needs. Now a wide range of ferrous alloys and some of nickel-base air melted alloys are available according to international standards.


   Our products are used in many Iranian industries such as steel making, mining and mine extraction, cement and refractory powders, general machinery ,oil, gas, refinery ,chemical and .petrochemical, power generation, valve and pump and related industries.


  In Esfahan Malleable Company we consider quality as a systematic process that all managers, workers, subcontractors and even shareholders are effective on it. Continuous improvement of products and processes also are very important for us. So we have prepared an exact and strict procedure to do preventive and corrective actions. We use these experiences in developing new products.


  Eventually quality is related to customer idea so we need and ask our customers to help us know more about their needs and consider a  customer complain as an opportunity for growth and improvement. 



Who are we

          EMC     is one of the  leading foundry companies in Iran based in Isfahan . The company is well known for its pioneering role in producing many cast parts for the first time inside the country           

  No.112, 5th Street ,Oshtorjan Industrial Zone,Isfahan,Iran
Postal Code: 8465196665
Tel : 0098 313 7609821-5
Fax: 00983137582823
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  Casting your Dreams